Cheese Danish Gets a Pungent Upgrade in Foodie Call with Justin Warner

This week on Foodie Call, Justin’s hanging out with a big cheese — the VP of sales at Murray’s Cheese, that is. Elizabeth Chubbuck explains the world of stinky, pungent (and utterly delicious) washed-rind cheeses to Justin and introduces him to one of her favorites: an absinthe-washed cheese that goes by the name of Miranda.

Inspired by the cheese’s mouthwatering acidity and notes of anise, Justin decides to marry the lowbrow with the highbrow in his latest recipe. He upgrades a good ol’ gas-station-style Danish by swapping most of the traditional cream cheese for a whole lotta that Miranda. Even Chubbuck can’t deny that the once-humble pastry is now totally irresistible.

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Foodie Call: Cheese 06:53

Justin bakes danishes using a washed-rind cheese from Murray's Cheese.
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