Foodie Call: A Truly Boozy Breakfast with Whiskey Pancakes and Vermouth-and-Cherry Butter

On this episode of Foodie Call, Justin Warner invites Reid Mitenbuler (author of Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey) into his kitchen and things get a little boozy. They sip whiskey for a moment, but the real fun begins when Justin presents a recipe for whiskey-spiked pancakes.

Justin has a full arsenal of leavening agents to make his pancakes extra fluffy. Baking powder and baking soda are obvious, for starters. But he explains to Reid that the whiskey’s flavor isn’t the only reason it’s great in pancake batter: As the alcohol cooks off, it creates pillow pockets of air.

And finally, Justin uses a cream whipper loaded with nitrous to dispense the batter into circles, making more bubbles in this decadent breakfast. The meal might taste like a Manhattan (thanks to a vermouth-and-cherry compound butter), but it reminds us more of cloud nine.

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Foodie Call Manhattan Pancakes 06:38

Justin Warner uses whiskey to make Manhattan-cocktail pancakes.
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