SXSW Festival: Sushi From a Truck & BBQ

By: Tanya Edwards

I have a few rules about eating. Almost all of which I broke in Austin. For one: I try to avoid seafood when I'm far from the ocean. Once you've lived on a coast, it's easy to get spoiled by price and proximity. However, when I spotted this cute little trailer in a food truck park, I was drawn in like a cat following a piece of string.

My gut doesn't steer me wrong. Sushi Box offered maki rolls, local sodas and delicious seafood salads; including the octopus and cold soba noodle combo shown above. Paired with a sweet-hot Asian mustard and a few fresh radishes, this was the perfect palate cleanse after several days of BBQ, burgers and beer.

Austin's entire downtown is literally crawling with food trucks, and many move around during the day. does a good job of keeping track of which truck is where, should you crave kebabs, Korean tacos or surf and turf po' boys.

Speaking of that BBQ, I made a post-10 p.m. pilgrimage to late-night BBQ joint Stubb's. An Austin and SXSW institution, Stubb's is known for being a down-and-dirty, basic BBQ spot with live music and a rockin' bar scene. My expectations for the food were low, but I was very happy with my late-night treat. The turkey was perfect, moist and smoky, and my sweet potatoes had just the right mix of sweet and spicy. There are other (and more expensive) places to grab a plate of 'cue in town, but Stubb's is a classic. And who knows? You might see your next favorite band playing out back after dinner.