Brunch and Jazz With Paula Deen

It was a brunch buffet fit for an army and an army of Paula Deen fans did indeed turn out for her Sunday Jazz Brunch at Gotham Hall in New York City.  From her own Eggs Benedict to delicious dishes from guest chefs, there wasn't an empty plate in the place. Paula, her sons and her husband addressed the large crowd and thanked them numerous times for their support of the Food Bank of New York City and Share Our Strength: "I appreciate so much y'alls support and helping solve this big problem we have in'll never realize what it means to me."

Paula presented a Green Tomato and Cheddar Casserole that featured creamy cheddar and crispy green tomatoes but made sure to also feature a Tomato Spoon Bread that tasted like a creamy and delicious cornbread with tomatoes mixed in.

Paula's Southern Eggs Benedict featured Smithfield Ham, Caramelized Apples and Poached Eggs with Red Eye Hollondaise.

Sarah Simmons of CITYGRIT served Soft-Boiled Farm Egg Wrapped in House-Made Breakfast Sausage that was a meal in itself while at the next table NORMA'S at Le Parker Meridien featured Ham and Cheese Doughnuts served with Raspberry Jam.

Fresh fruit abounded to be sure, but the crowds were definitely circling the Slow-Smoked Beef Brisket from Bubby's Pie Co.

It was certainly an event to remember, and definitely a meal to lie down after.