Meatopia: The Ultimate Meat Lover’s Feast at the New York City Wine & Food Festival

Rising smoke obscured the skyline as all-star chefs cooked mass quantities of meat over open fires.
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On a chilly Sunday evening in New York City, rising smoke obscured the skyline as top chefs cooked mass quantities of meat over open fires. The aroma of sizzling steak, slow-roasted pork and smoked BBQ drifted across the highway and teased hungry guests as they made their way to Pier 92 for the New York City Wine & Food Festival’s Meatopia. In addition to celebrating the great meat-focused chefs across the country, the night was also a tribute to the late Josh Ozersky, founder of this famous meat festival.

Host of the celebration was meat enthusiast Michael Symon. While some folks lined up for beer short rib burnt ends from Killen’s Barbecue, others waited for a selfie with the gracious Food Network chef. Whichever line you chose, the wait wasn’t boring — you were most likely too busy finishing your plate from the previous station and dancing to the live music to mind waiting.

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

There was no shortage of variety of animal to try. Rotisserie chicken spun slowly behind Harold Moore’s tent, Ned Ludd cut into a whole roasted lamb, and folks watched in wonder as Chef Angie Mar and team from The Beatrice Inn took down a giant whole roasted wild boar.

Beef was definitely well-represented during the night. A gigantic roasted Black Angus steer from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors was impossible to miss upon entering the walk-around feast. Short ribs in particular were a popular offering, with the West African Dibi Veal Short Rib from The Cecil Harlem and Hometown Bar-B-Que’s 10-Hour Slow-Smoked Beef Short Rib (pictured above) being two of our favorites.

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Sunday was also an opportunity to try something new. There was beef cheek terrine from Employees Only, barbecue beef broth with bone marrow float from Brodo and a beef tongue sandwich with smoked oyster mayo from Harry & Ida’s. Chef Will Horowitz happily shouted “hot tongue!” over the music, and those who sampled from the massive sub did not regret it.

Festivalgoers ended the night on a sweet and smoky note, as not even the desserts could withhold from getting in on the carnivorous fun. Maple bacon was sprinkled on top of Oceana’s chocolate-banana turnovers, and chorizo was the secret ingredient in OddFellows Ice Cream Co.’s creamy caramel scoops.

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