Andrew's Lucky Chopsticks, a Reminder of Asia's Bustling Food Culture

Closing out the New York City Wine & Food Festival weekend was Andrew Zimmern's Lucky Chopsticks, reminiscent of the bustling night markets of Asia.
By: Eric Kim

Closing out the New York City Wine & Food Festival weekend was Lucky Chopsticks, a pan-Asian setup reminiscent of the bustling night markets of Japan, China, Vietnam, Laos, India and more. Hosted by Andrew Zimmern (who himself worked a booth), the event was a delicious reminder of what happens when an eclectic range of cultures come together to celebrate good food.

The bar featured an array of sakes from Gekkeikan (a brewery based in Kyoto), ranging from a light and acidic Tokubetsu Junmai-shu to a more robust, full-bodied Junmai-shu — with your choice depending on whether you were having dim sum, noodles, curry or duck.

Our favorite bites of the night included:

Sweet-and-Sour Pork Ribs: Chef Zongxing Tu's Shanghai-style ribs were lip-smackingly sticky — exactly what you want in hand-held street food.

Jing Jiang Rou Si: Hailing from Northeastern China, Chef Jing Guan's traditional sauteed pork came with a toothsome sweet bean sauce and a thin sheet of bean curd.

Shrimp Toast: Chef Stephanie Izard topped her warm, homemade white bread with a citrusy shrimp mousse, complete with fermented vegetables and a fish sauce aioli.

"Quack" on Brioche: Chef Thomas Chen balanced his succulent duck confit sliders with a light daikon relish.

Coconut Curry Red Snapper: Filled out with vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs, Chef Soulayphet Schwader's aromatic fish soup was the ultimate definition of comfort.

Liang Pi "Cold-Skin" Noodles: Tossed with bean sprouts and cucumbers, Chef Jason Wang's wheat-flour noodles were light, chewy and aromatic.

Chicken Tikka Kati Roll: To go with this popular street wrap from Kolkata, Chef Anil Bathwal served crispy potato chips seasoned with a tangle of Indian spices.

Shio Ramen Ochazuke: Guests lined up for Chef Dave Potes' signature mottainai ramen broth (fish, chicken and pork), spiced with sansho pepper and ladled over sashimi and rice.

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