7 Lunchbox Accessories to Pack the Best Lunches Ever

By: Foodlets

Packing a school lunch has a bad reputation, but it doesn't have to be so hard — and the results can be very sweet. Here are a few of my favorite gadgets that easily make all the difference between a so-so lunch that comes home half-eaten and a special little treat kids can't resist.

1. Bento Boxes: It's simple to pack a balanced lunch when you have several compartments to fill with something different. Planet Box is the most-expensive line, but with a stainless-steel box that comes in a cushy (and customizable) case, it's hard to beat. Our favorite plastic (and more affordable) version is EasyLunchboxes, which are BPA-free and also come with cooler bags in every shade of the rainbow.

2. Our Favorite Water Bottles: Oh, the leaky water bottles. If I could have a refund for all the sippy cups, water bottles and novelty glasses we've bought for our brood, college would be paid for already. Along the way I've figured it out. This is the only kind of water bottle we'll buy going forward: The Bubba bottle is made of stainless steel, isn't overpriced, is dishwasher-safe and hasn't leaked a drop yet.

3. Veggie Cutters: This morning I sent my daughter to school with four pieces of cheese, each in a little flower shape — and it took all of 20 seconds to do, thanks to these cutters, which come in stars, flowers and more kid-friendly shapes.

4. Mini Forks: Without a long handle, these tiny forks are perfect for small hands (which may or may not have made it to the sink before lunch) to dig in. They work for fruit, cheese or any other chunky lunch dish. Bonus: The whole set is reusable.

5. Silicone Baking Cups: These reusable baking cups hold small things like fruit and nuts or provide a little extra cushion for crackers, cookies or mini muffins. Plus, they lend a vibrant pop of color.

6. Hard-Boiled Egg Molds: Nothing is faster than reaching into the fridge and pulling out hard-boiled eggs to pack for lunch. That gives you time to peel a couple of eggs and throw them into these adorable bunny and bear molds, sure to create grins all around.

7. Sandwich Cutters: This set of three sandwich cutters produces two interlocking sandwiches in the shape of dinosaurs, seals or hearts — each in about five seconds. If you can press on a piece of plastic, you can make a special sandwich in moments. Ta-da!

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