10 Adorable Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Kids

There's no reason the fun can't start before trick-or-treating.

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I have four small kids, which means that Halloween is a festive day at our house. It starts with breakfast and, of course, continues right through trick-or-treating. When it comes to breakfast, the only rule is that I don't serve anything too sweet (gotta power up for a whole school day ahead!) and nothing too spooky (that time when I made deviled eggs with black olive spiders on top and my three-year-old burst into tears …). Here are 10 simple recipes sure to satisfy tiny trick-or-treaters everywhere. Happy Halloween!

If carving an orange isn’t in your future, just use a food-safe marker to draw the face right on.

All you need is a simple smoothie recipe like this one, plus the one kitchen tool every parent probably has a whole drawer of …

Bake your own pumpkin or start with store-bought puree. We’ll never tell.

Party Feature_ Halloween Breakfasts

Party Feature_ Halloween Breakfasts

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Trust me: This hack is scary-simple!

Options for eyes are endless: M&Ms, blueberries, chocolate chips …

So full of cinnamon, whole oats and chocolate chips, these breakfast cookies are all at once filling and decadent.

Party Feature_ Halloween Breakfasts

Party Feature_ Halloween Breakfasts

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Tip: Freeze your smoothie ingredients in a zip-top bag, and wake up to a ready-to-blend treat on a busy morning.

Photo by: Picasa


Just dip fresh bananas in yogurt and freeze. Ta-da!



Take a shortcut and swap fresh pineapple for the layer of lemon curd turning this into a fruit cup-inspired treat. You can use Greek yogurt to make it more breakfast-friendly too.

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