On the Road: Best Thanksgiving Pies

Best Thanksgiving Pies on the Road

The Thanksgiving feast just isn't complete without an irresistible piece of pie at the end. Something about the buttery crust and rich filling brings comfort and nostalgia to the table, and we've rounded up plenty of restaurants and bakeries that dish out just-like-mama-made pecan, pumpkin and apple pies. There are also outside-the-crust options (could you turn down a Fat Elvis Pie?), so check out our full  coast-to-coast pie guide and grab a slice — or two! Here are a few highlights to warm up your sweet-seeking taste buds.

Nothing's more American than apple pie, but this bakery manages to improve on the classic with a mouthwatering salted caramel version. Inspired by caramel apples, this salty-sweet slice is a "taste bud waker-upper" and was praised by Bobby Flay as "what apple pie would look like if your grandma had game."

When describing Brigtsen's pecan pie on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Southern food writer John T. Edge said, "When all the good pecans go to heaven, this is where they go." While it's a common dessert across the region, Brigtsen's pie brings out the depth of local Louisiana pecans by roasting them so that every bite bursts with rich nutty flavor.

Open for nearly a century, this coffee shop is renowned for its homemade pies. Most beloved of all is the mile-high coconut meringue, described as "the craziest coconut pie on the planet" by Duff Goldman on Sugar High. The dense custard filling is chock-full of sweet coconut flakes and capped off with a mountain of fluffy meringue.

This Windy City pie palace is best known for its slice that's inspired by The King of rock 'n' roll. A tribute to Elvis' favorite sandwich, the Fat Elvis is an indulgent layered pie of dark chocolate pastry cream, citrus-spiked banana slices and a peanut butter cream cheese filling, all housed inside a crust of crushed graham crackers, peanuts and pretzels.

While there are 50 flavors of cheesecake to choose from on the menu at Harriet's, the famous sweet potato cheesecake is the perfect pie for a fall feast. This dessert boasts a dark graham cracker crust that's covered with vanilla cream cheese filling and a smooth sweet potato layer; it's finished with a sour cream topping and candied pecan garnish.

To find more sweet slices at FN-approved spots across the country, hit the road with our complete all-American pie guide this Thanksgiving season.

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