A Beatrix Potter-Inspired Easter Party

I love hosting parties with guests of all ages — they’re the perfect opportunity to get creative, explore a fun theme, and add a touch of whimsy to the decor for an event. For an Easter celebration, I wanted to create an outdoor event that would be fun for kids and parents alike. I didn’t have to look further than my daughter’s own nursery to find inspiration — the illustrated works of Beatrix Potter. 

The English author’s collection of sweetly illustrated children’s tales provided just the right tone for my backyard bash, and her Tale of Peter Rabbit was the perfect source of cotton tailed inspiration. With fun carrot-and-ranch snacks served in tiny terra-cotta pots, homemade bunny-tail bunting, and fresh centerpieces made from garden vegetables, this was one Easter celebration that we’re pretty sure Peter himself would approve of!

The Details

The real fun of this party is in the details — I dressed my buffet table in layered linens inspired by the pastel palette found in Potter’s delicate illustrations. Fresh veggies from the produce section of my local grocery store made for easy and unexpected centerpieces.

Bunting made from yarn pom poms was a whimsical nod to Peter’s most recognizable feature. And a toy rabbit placed suspiciously inside of an old tin watering was a final humorous wink towards Mr. McGregor’s garden.

The Menu

For a daytime party, I was looking for a lighter entree that would be easy to serve and eat in a backyard setting. An asparagus lemon pasta salad with plenty of olive oil and pine nuts was just right — filling, without being too heavy.

In honor of Peter, we created carrot-and-ranch snacks served in clay pots that will make kids feel like they’re plucking veggies straight from the garden patch. We topped off our light menu with deliciously sweet strawberry cupcakes that also provided a bright pop of color for our spring buffet.

The Activities

In lieu of a hunt, party-goers competed in a classic “Easter Egg Roll”. Practiced annually at the White House, the roll is a fun tradition where participants race to roll fragile eggs across the yard with wooden spoons.

To add more creativity to the event, I created stations to decorate both the eggs and spoons before the game began.

Hop on over to our gallery for more details on how to host your own Beatrix Potter inspired Easter bash.

Photos by Kate LeSueur

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