Exclusive: Father's Day with Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian may be a co-host on The Kitchen, a no-nonsense Chopped judge, the chef and partner at New York's The Lambs Club, and the culinary director of The Plaza hotel, but on Father's Day, this famed Iron Chef revels in another title: Dad. Geoffrey's a father to three young children, two daughters plus a newborn baby boy, which means this year's holiday is sure to be extra special. Read on below to get an exclusive with Geoffrey and learn his family's plans for Sunday's celebration, and find out what dishes he enjoys cooking alongside his young sous chefs.

What kinds of Father’s Day traditions do you have now and did you have as a child?

Geoffrey Zakarian: Well, not surprisingly, all centered around food. Usually we tried to go to a Red Sox game at Fenway, and if not, we would watch and chow down on simply grilled hot dogs. Delicious!

How will you and your family celebrate this year?

GZ: We are all going to our family’s place in upstate New York. A large buffet will be developed over the weekend and it will be an eat-a-thon. Lots of rosé will be poured.

How do your wife and your daughters treat you on Father’s Day?

GZ: They treat me like a prince, every day. But on Father’s Day, it includes room service!

What’s your ultimate Father’s Day meal — what do you wish your wife, Margaret, and the girls would prepare for you?

GZ: I always ask for angel food cake with fresh berries and whipped cream. Whatever they decide to make, I am not allowed to be around during the preparation, so hopefully I will get a round of golf in and get completely spoiled.

What’s the most-memorable gift — homemade or otherwise — you’ve been given from your kids?

GZ: The daily meals we share

What are some of your daughters’ favorite recipes, and what dishes do you most like to cook with them?

GZ: They love making peanut butter Nutella ice cream, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, and we always make cheeseburgers together!

You are a brand-new father again, with the birth of your son. What’s the one thing you think every first-time expectant father should know?

GZ: That babies bring their own emotional and physical wealth. They are the opposite of a burden; it’s a gift you can't believe.

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