DIY Grocery Store Centerpieces

These DIY projects can be made in a flash and, best of all, require only materials found at the grocery store.
By: Guest Blogger
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By Camille Styles, photography by Molly Winters

We’ve all heard the expression “You eat with your eyes first.” And while that typically refers to food presentation, the same could be said for the first impression that your holiday table makes upon guests. Before the turkey has been carved and the pie de-voured, friends and family will have already taken in your table design. But creating a beautiful table doesn't have to mean pricey floral arrangements or im-possible craft projects. Instead, I love to create centerpieces using grocery store mate-rials that can easily be tacked onto the end of my shopping list. Today I’m sharing easy, affordable and exciting ideas for creating a striking centerpiece that’ll have guests talking until next year’s holiday season.

The baking- and party-supply aisles are bursting with colorful inspiration, so I love to start there when thinking up seasonal do-it-yourself projects. When it comes to striped paper straws, the crafting possibilities are endless! And because there are always tin cans left over from all that holiday cooking, repurpose yours by covering the cans’ edg-es with striped paper straws to create whimsical, showstopping flower vases.

For another flower vessel that couldn't be easier to make, purchase regular brown pa-per lunch sacks, and give them a face-lift by stamping a seasonal symbol all over. Then simply insert a Mason jar filled with monochromatic grocery store blooms, and voila! Guests will be amazed by the simplicity but wowed by the gorgeous presentation.

Get more easy-breezy holiday centerpieces, and I hope you feel inspired to make this year’s celebration just a little more handmade.

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