Chocolate Eggs, Marshmallow Chicks and Jelly Beans, Oh My! 8 Ways to Use Leftover Easter Candy

From rich chocolate eggs to colorful jelly beans, learn how one mom uses these sweet Easter treats in all-new ways.
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Easter mornings are usually a blur of chocolate around here, but after the kids have had their share of treats, there always seems to be extra candy (and whether certain moms have set some aside for themselves can be neither confirmed nor denied). Here are two ways to use four different Easter candies long after that bunny has put his feet up again for the year.

Mini chocolate eggs can be delicious in …

Brownies: Welcome spring with the simplest version of birds’ nests yet. Bake a pan of brownies and cut round circles before arranging mini chocolate eggs on top.

Cookies: Instead of chocolate chips, add mini eggs to your next batch of cookies or blondies. Cut them in half, or leave them whole for major impact.

Peeps will transform

Cocoa: Hot chocolate + a floating Peep. What combination could be better?

S’mores: Use Peeps in place of marshmallows for baked s’mores. Individually wrap your combination of graham crackers, chocolate and Peeps in foil before popping in the oven, or make a whole skillet of s’mores for a crowd.

Chocolate bars are awesome with …

Brownies: Bring a batch of brownies to the next level by adding chunks of chocolate bars to the batter.

Pie: Chocolate pudding pie gets a decadent topping when you sprinkle chopped-up chocolate bars on top of fresh peaks of whipped cream.

Jelly beans bring color and flavor to …

Chocolate bark: Whip up a batch of Ina Garten’s White Chocolate Bark, but instead of dried fruit, stud your batch with jelly beans.

Thumbprint Cookies: Transform Butter and Jam Thumbprints into Jelly Bean Thumbprints by replacing the jam with these colorful beans.

Charity Curley Mathews is the mother of four small kids and runs Mini Foodies in the Making…Maybe. You’ll find her newest ideas on Facebook and Pinterest.

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