Spike It: Boozy Eggnog Sugar Cookie Shake

Any other eggnog fans out there? The creamy texture and interesting flavor tend to leave people either loving or loathing the holiday beverage.

I happen to fall on the eggnog-lover side of things. Shocking, I know. My adoration for the drink goes so, so far back. Every Christmas my gram used to make her annual trip to our home with her infamous pumpkin rolls and loaves of fruitcake delicately bagged and tucked in her luggage. The day Gram came was one I looked forward to … basically from the day she boarded her flight back home.

According to my sweet gram, any and all desserts during the month of December could not be consumed without a glass of eggnog. My perfect equation was a thick slice of pumpkin roll and a cup of eggnog with a sprinkle of freshly grated nutmeg. This was quintessentially holiday season for me. Occasionally, I’d swap out one of her perfect sugar cookies and dip it in the nog.

Now here I am, many years later, continuing Gram’s tradition of enjoying my holiday treats with a glass of eggnog. What’s even better: making a boozy holiday dessert cocktail with it. Take your favorite eggnog, blend with some sugar cookies (I used this recipe, but feel free to use your favorite!) and bourbon. I think my gram would be awfully proud.

Boozy Eggnog Sugar Cookie Shake

Serves 2


2 cups vanilla ice cream

1 1/2 cups eggnog

1/3 cup bourbon

4 sugar cookies, plus extra for topping

1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

Whipped cream for topping



Place the eggnog, ice cream, bourbon, sugar cookies and nutmeg in a blender and blend until creamy and thick. Pour into a tall glass and top with whipped cream and sprinkles — and an extra cookie for garnish!

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