What’s Your State’s Favorite Halloween Candy?

Alabama and Washington love Airheads. Connecticut and Rhode Island prefer peanut butter cups (Reese’s, if you please). And candy corn is the Halloween treat of choice in five states, uniting in sugar Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina.

We know these sweet-tooth truths because product-focused social media company Influenster put the question of fave Halloween candy to its members and distilled the 40,000 survey responses from across the nation into a sweet-by-state U.S. map.

Other revelations:

Indiana and Virginia have more in common than just being the home turf of this election’s vice presidential nominees. The two states also are home to many Reese’s Pieces fans.

Residents of Iowa and Washington, D.C., both seriously dig Twix bars, which is how Colorado and Ohio feel about Milky Ways, New Jersey and North Dakota about Sour Patch Kids, Delaware and New Mexico about 3 Musketeers, Alaska and Illinois about Snickers, and Idaho and North Carolina about Butterfinger.

Arkansas and Nebraska are completely in sync about the superiority of Skittles, which is how Mississippi and Missouri regard Hershey’s Kisses, Louisiana and Pennsylvania Swedish Fish, Michigan and Oklahoma M&M’s, Maine and Massachusetts Starburst, Hawaii and Minnesota the 100 Grand Bar, and South Dakota and Wisconsin Laffy Taffy.

Utah is a state of Nerd lovers.

New Yorkers are sweet on SweeTarts.

Arizonans warmly embrace the Toblerone. (Maybe they like it melty?)

Montanans most crave Kit Kat bars.

Californians find Life Savers a part of living.

Georgia is all about Pixy Stix. (Forget peaches.)

Floridians are devoted to Nestlé Crunch bars, as are Kansans to Twizzlers, Kentuckians to Whoppers, New Hampshirites to Tootsie Rolls and Nevadans to Jolly Ranchers.

Vermonters apparently often feel like nuts; Almond Joy bars are their favorites.

And, curiously, West Virginians said their favorite candy is … Oreos.


Photo courtesy of Influenster

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