The Coolest Trick for "Whipping" Up Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

Sunny's simple (and sweet!) idea makes egg-dyeing even more fun.

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Sunny Anderson makes Tie Dyed Eggs, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

Easter egg dyeing is a great project to do with the family, but we’ve got an idea that will make it even better this year. And no, it doesn’t require tediously maneuvering that little egg holder like an egg surgeon of sorts or pressing a million tiny stickers into a thoughtful pattern, only to lift them and see that the dye had seeped underneath. (Oof.) This method, which Sunny Anderson showed off on The Kitchen, is colorful, foolproof and super fun for kids and parents to do together.

Her technique is similar to one you might have seen done with shaving cream and food coloring. You spread the shaving cream in shallow container, add drops of color, swirl as you like, and roll the eggs through everything. While this certainly works (and creates a pleasantly pale tie-dyed effect), you wouldn't want to eat these eggs as a snack. An eggshell is a semi-permeable membrane, so things can pass through the shell (and personally I don't like my eggs with a hint of shaving cream).

But Sunny offers edible alterative to shaving cream – whipped topping! This sweet treat will also leave you "eggs-quisitely" tie-dyed Easter eggs. Just remind your kids that they'll need to refrain from gobbling up all the whipped topping if they want to get those eggs decorated! 

Sunny Anderson makes Tie Dyed Eggs, as seen on Food Network's The Kitchen

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