5 Cutesy Halloween Snacks That Aren't Sweets

Because you've totally got dessert covered with all that candy.

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Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Halloween is all about the sweets — over-the-top cakes, cutesy cupcakes, graveyards of brownies and (duh) loads of candy. Of course, we love 'em all, but a party spread isn't complete without a few savory options as well. Here's how to have your ghost cake and eat your cheese too this Halloween.

We love a snack that can double as a hearty dinner. This family-pleasing dish dresses up for the occasion (and sneaks a veggie onto the table!) with orange bell peppers carved into toothy grins.

Planning on throwing some cheese puffs in a bowl and calling it a Halloween party? Instead, grind them up in a food processor and roll a pumpkin-shaped ball of cheese through the dust. Putting in this extra effort doesn’t take much extra time — and elevates your party theme to heights beyond just "orange."

Insert _ Spread_ 50 Spooky Treats

Insert _ Spread_ 50 Spooky Treats

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to an eggy ghost swooping onto their breakfast plate? This special morning meal is just as easy to make as an everyday egg-in-a-hole — just use ghost cookie cutter for some extra holiday flair.

A few quickly piped lines of sour cream turn even store-bought guacamole into a spooky web in seconds. Two olives become a cute spider to drive the theme home.

Insert _ Spread_ 50 Spooky Treats

Insert _ Spread_ 50 Spooky Treats

Photo by: Ralph Smith

Ralph Smith

Pie dough is the easy and delicious secret to this twist on a pigs in a blanket (a perennial party favorite).

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