Kitchen Storage Spots You're Not Using (and Totally Should Be)

Here are all the secret spaces you've been ignoring.


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Conventional storage like drawers and cabinets might get top billing in your kitchen, but there are likely some other storage spaces you’re not capitalizing on. The kitchen is full of nooks and crannies that can take your storage situation  — or lack thereof — from overwhelming to organized. Scope out these areas in your own home and see where you can get creative with decluttering.

Over your cabinets

If your cabinets don’t make it all the way to the ceiling, make the most of the open space above them. Use it to store rarely-used appliances, extra mixing bowls or decorative items like antique teapots. If bulky items aren’t your problem, invest in baskets as a pretty way to keep your extra utensils, small baking supplies or stock of paper towels out of the way.


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Open wall space

Think like Julia Child and use a pegboard to make the most of free wall space. Use it to hang pots and pans, pretty potholders and those tongs you always lose in a sea of spatulas.

Cabinet doors

You've probably seen closet door shoe storage and this is the same concept. Install small wire baskets on the cabinet doors below your sink and store your sponges, soap, gloves and other cleaning products where you can see them. When you’re not digging for gloves under the sink, dishes aren’t such a chore.

Over the doorway

Unless you’re hanging art above the doorway, this is a great space to add a shelf or hooks. You can hang pots and pans you rarely use or keep the baking supplies you use less often up there.


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Next to your fridge

That pesky space between your fridge and the wall isn’t just for collecting dust. If you have six inches of space, you can easily DIY a rolling shelving unit that can hold anything from canned goods and spices to sheet pans and cupcake tins. Not into DIY? Use this space to house your stepstool.

Above your fridge

Use decorative baskets to make the space above your fridge functional. You can also bring some bookends into the kitchen and use this space to house your cookbook collection.

Your fridge door

Is your spice cabinet overflowing? Transfer the ones you use most otften to magnetic containers that you can stick to your refrigerator door. Now you won’t have to go searching for the basil every time you want to make dinner.

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