Cool Uses for Ice Cube Trays


Summer’s heating up, and we’ve got plenty of frozen treats to cool you down. But here’s something unexpected to store in the freezer alongside your ice pops and ice cream sandwiches: 11 ingredients that freeze beautifully in ice cube trays.

Those tiny compartments are perfect for preserving leftover condiments or the last few glugs of a bottle of wine. And when it’s just too hot to sizzle bacon in a skillet to render its fat or to roast garlic in the oven, you’ll be glad you’ve got those flavorful goods chilling out in the freezer.

No need to water down veggie- and fruit-packed smoothies with regular ice cubes when you have these on hand.

Freeze the drippings from your pan after Sunday brunch, then warm them up when the mood strikes and whisk bacon-y flavor into salad dressing or toss with sauteed greens.

Deglaze your pan with a wine ice cube, or add a few to the pot when steaming mussels or clams. If you’re drinking from the same bottle, you could even use one to cool down your glass on a hot day.

They’re one of the greatest condiments known to man, but it takes quite a while to get that amazing slow-cooked flavor. Next time, make a double batch and freeze half to use later as a killer burger topping.

Once your cubes are frozen, pop them into resealable freezer bags for easy access.

Check out our full gallery for more ingenious uses for ice cube trays.

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