4 Apple Cider Cocktails to Try This Fall



Photo by: Charles Masters

Charles Masters

If you’ve ever gone apple picking, you know that a hot cup of cider is the ultimate treat on a crisp fall day. But the unfiltered juice is too good to be limited to your orchard experiences. It’s equally delicious cold and makes an amazing home cocktail mixer. To get the party started, Food Network Magazine has eight fun recipes so you can begin toasting to fall. Get happy hour (and dessert) inspiration from the recipes below and start mixing.

Cider plus beer and hot sauce equals your new go-to fall cocktail. Sweet, spicy and refreshing all at once, it’s perfect for your next brunch or tailgating party

Not ready to let go of summer? Brighten up cider with raspberries for a tart and refreshing drink to help you transition from one season to the next.

For a quick apple-pie-inspired treat, make an apple cider float. All you need is cider, vanilla ice cream and apple pie spice — which, if you’re a true fan of apple pie, you probably already have.

It might sound like an unlikely combination, but spiced hot cider swirled with cream and melted white chocolate is a must-try treat for when the weather starts to cool.

Find the rest of the cider recipes here. Hint: Apple cider tastes amazing when blended with coconut milk and frozen mango.

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