It Came From the Library: 6a

By: Jonathan Milder

On further thought: As much as Skinny Bastard would seem to hold little appeal for guys, I’m coming to think that’s kind of beside the point. My initial pessimism re: the book’s potential for success is perhaps a sign that I’d fallen for a clever bit of misdirection on the part of the authors/publisher.

Despite the book’s title and its ostensible attempt to crossover to a male market, Rory and Friedman know where their bread is buttered. They (and surely their publisher) are well aware that if the book is to reach the ‘guys,’ it’s going to do so by going through the ‘girls,’ who already have a familiarity and fondness for the brand and an openness to diet books to begin with.

In other words, the book can and probably will succeed without men. Women will buy the book for their partners; their partners will feel a momentary pang of hurt, then will attempt to cover said hurt by making noises signifying delighted surprise.

They (the boyfriends) will thank them (the girlfriends) as graciously as they are able, considering, and the book will molder on a shelf, eventually to wind up in the hands of a charitable organization, who will sell it at a fundraiser for $2.50 to a girl who will give it to a guy who will make noises...

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