It Came From The Library: What Else We're Reading

My pal Ben over at The Nation just sent me over their new monster food issue -- it's in-depth and fantastic, and a must-read for anyone interested in where food intersects with politics and the future of both. I'll let him round up who and what's in it:

  • A forum on food democracy with Alice Waters (Chez Panisse), Dan Barber (Blue Hill), Grace Lee Boggs, Dave Murphy and LaDonna Redmond.
  • Alice Waters: School lunch reform is the best way to teach democratic values.
  • Dan Barber: The campaign for food democracy needs to start with boning knives and cast iron skillets.
  • Grace Lee Boggs: How Detroit came to see vacant lots not as blight but as opportunities to grow our own food.
  • Dave Murphy: People are beginning to understand the connection between our stomachs and our common destiny.
  • LaDonna Redmond: To engage a broader audience, food-justice activists need to change their language.

It's fascinating, smart, and well-written. Have at it.


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