Food Network Kitchens Forecast: More 2011 Trends

By: Jonathan Milder

The Food Network Kitchens has compiled their list of delicious predictions, and we're serving it to you in bite-sized nuggets.  Read yesterday's trend predictions here, and check back tomorrow for the final installment. Then, visit Cooking Channel's Devour for the even more new-year prophecies. Now, for today's tech-savvy trends:

Food Goes Mobile

In 2011, smartphone apps will take over the tasks of restaurant search, reservation booking, and on-line food ordering. (Don't wait till 2011 -- check out our Food Network mobile offerings for iPhone, iPad and Android.) Food trucks will proliferate like never before. Pop up eateries will spread, while restaurants become increasingly ephemeral, conceptual, chef-centered less and less defined by brick and mortar spaces. And spaces will, as with the recent wave of food courts/gastro-malls, become more versatile, more multifarious, more designed to be moved through, grazed. The unvarnished good news is that it will never be so possible to eat well on the move.

Enter E-Cookbooks

The NY Times’ recent decision to begin publishing an e-book bestseller list early next year is the surest sign yet that digital books are hitting the big-time. The spread of sophisticated tablet devices and the rise of e-books promises fundamental and far-reaching changes to books generally. No book category is so well positioned as cookbooks to capitalize on the enhanced features e-book technology can offer. In 2011, e-cookbooks will increasingly be multimedia experiences, more Web site than book, rich mixtures of text, image, audio narration and embedded video.

Check back in with the FN Dish tomorrow for the final two trends, and visit Cooking Channel's Devour for more trends to watch in 2011.