Food Network Kitchens Forecast: More 2011 Trends

By: Jonathan Milder
2011 Food Trends

The Food Network Kitchens compiled a list of trends to look for in the coming year -- some flavor-focused ( Southeast Asian Black Kale Tacos, anyone? How about an extra helping of comfort, or veggies in a starring role?) -- and some a continuation of the food-meets-technology-craze (digital cookbooks and your favorite cooking sites on your mobile device). Devour listed the first five predictions earlier this week, and we gave you more here on The FN Dish here and here. Before you begin your NYE reveling, check out our final two predictions below -- eating well and doing good.

Local Sourcing Surges – Time was, if you wanted to eat locally you went to your nearest farmers market and bought directly from the producer. Well, times are changing. Some of the biggest fish in the food industry—Walmart, Bon Appétit Management, and Sysco, among others—are getting into the game. As a result, in 2011 we’ll be seeing local foods cropping up more frequently in supermarkets as well as in some surprising places—schools, hospitals, ballparks, and chain restaurants.

No Kid Hungry – While we at Food Network and Cooking Channel are devoted to celebrating the pleasures of good food, we are acutely aware that far too many of our fellow citizens don’t have that luxury. We know that for millions of Americans the question of what to eat is trumped by more urgent questions: Will there be enough to eat? Where will my next meal come from? How will I feed my children? We are painfully conscious of this, which is why in 2011 we’ll be ramping up our partnership with our friends at the organization Share Our Strength to help promote their No Kid Hungry Campaign, a major 5-year campaign organized around the goal of ending childhood hunger by the year 2015. That’s one campaign we are certain we can all get behind. We hope you’ll join us.

Did we miss any? What do you think the future in food will bring?

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