Food Network Kitchens Forecast: Top Trends for 2011

By: Jonathan Milder

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2011 Food Trends

The Food Network Kitchens offer for your perusal eleven trends that will define the coming year in food. Check back here tomorrow for another installment, and then visit Cooking Channel's Devour for the rest of the list.

And if reading about these trends makes you hungry, you’re in luck. This year they’ve distilled (or rather mashed up) the predictions into emblematic recipes, thus giving you an opportunity unique among year-end forecasts: The chance to eat the predictions! Up first: Southeast Asian Black Kale Tacos (with a bit of Pork Belly). If these recipes are any indication, the year 2011 is going to be a delicious one. Bon appétit! Now for today's two trends...

Tacos, Authentic to Eccentric

In 2011 chefs will do for tacos what they’ve spent the last several years doing for burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and sandwiches: that is, raising the quality of ingredients, and lavishing high-end technique and creativity on a popular food. Get ready for celeb-chef taquerias, wild fusion taquerias (look for many more Asian/Mexican mashups), locavore-friendly taquerias, hyper-authentic regional Mexican taquerias and many, many more.

Get in on the trend:
Bobby's Yucatan Chicken Puffy Tacos with Peanut-Red Chili BBQ Sauce
Bellying Up to the Noodle Bar

The ramen craze has serious staying power, and we see it as merely the tip of an Asian noodle iceberg we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2011. With the UK noodle chain Wagamama planning a major U.S. expansion next year and the folks behind Chipotle busy developing an Asian fast casual concept (read: noodle bar?), Asian noodles are fast going mainstream America. Look out Mac and Cheese.

Get in on the trend:

Check back in with the FN Dish tomorrow and visit Cooking Channel's Devour for more trends to watch in 2011.

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