Milk and Cookies — the New Cronut®

Milk and Cookies

The food press is chewing over Cronut® creator and New York Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel's latest edible mash-up, Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots, which he revealed last week on Instagram and debuted as a midnight snack at South by Southwest.

Some tastemakers have avidly devoured the idea of crispy cookie shot-glass-size cups with dollops of dairy in their hollow insides. The Huffington Post said Ansel had "managed to capture everything comforting about childhood and adulthood all at once."

Others, after consideration, have felt their enthusiasm crumble. Slate has ticked off several concerns: the potential for embarrassing milk spillage, the difficulty of achieving a cookie that is crisp and strong enough to contain milk yet soft and chewy enough to enjoy, and the cart-before-horse element of a concept that requires the milk to be consumed before the cookie. The site cited a tweet by model and Cooking Channel host Chrissy Teigen, who objected: "But you need the cookie before the milk. This needs to be milk filled with cookie." (Whoa. Let that idea splash around your brain awhile along with the ramen Chrissy shared with Food Network’s Justin Warner.)

Once the excitement over a new food innovation has cooled, however, one unsinkable truth will remain: Chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven and followed (preferably) with a cold glass of milk, are equally perfect in their purest form or when embellished upon. And great-tasting, good-looking cookies, NPR agrees, might just be the latest what’s-old-is-new-again trend.

You can go basic with this easy Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured above) recipe (no special equipment required) or this one for Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You can go healthy by adding oatmeal, healthier still by adding oatmeal and flax, or wholly healthy — with fewer calories and less fat — with these chewy-crispy Whole-Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You can go bananas, go nuts, or go nuts and bacon. (Yes — yes, you can.) You can go crispy or deep-fried.

Or you can just go for the chocolate chip cookies that promise to be the best. Because it's hard to improve on that.

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