Supermarket Chic, Water Into Wine and a Food Personality Quiz

Attention, grocery shoppers: The fashion world now thinks you're cool. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has a history of creating over-the-top settings for his Paris fashion shows — an airplane, an art museum. This year he built a faux supermarket stacked with brightly colored goods labeled with Chanel-inspired names — Coco Chanel Coco Pops, anyone? — which models plopped into Chanel-branded shopping baskets. (We'd like to see those couture catwalkers try this.) "Fashion editors posed with shopping trolleys amid this Warholian fashion extravaganza," the Guardian reports, adding that a full-on riot broke out when show attendees briefly believed they could take the cleverly labeled goods home. [ Guardian]

What food are you? The line at the top of Buzzfeed's What Food Matches Your Personality quiz — "God, you're such a burrito" — made us laugh, but only until we diligently answered all the questions and were labeled a burrito ourselves. "Here comes the burritoooooooo! (That’s you.)," the results jeered. "You’re a Renaissance man/woman. You’ve got a little bit of everything. And everybody better watch out because your flour tortilla is homemade." Not satisfied, we took the quiz again and totally changed our answers. (Whatever, we're such a burrito.) This time, we were cheese: "You go well with almost anything ... and ... make a lot of people happy." Yeah, that's better. [ Buzzfeed]

Realize your cookbook-organizing dreams. You know how, all too often, you reach for a favorite cookbook and spend half of your allotted meal-prep time hunting for it amidst stacks of food tomes you haven't cracked in years? Might be time to organize your cookbook collection. Minneapolis Star Tribune food editor Lee Svitak Dean offers a simple, individualized, adaptable cookbook organizational system to get your kitchen shelves into shipshape. [ Minneapolis Star Tribune]

Just add water. You will either be appalled or thrilled to hear that a startup company, founded by a Napa Valley sommelier and a Silicon Valley wine website entrepreneur, has created a device that turns water into wine and is seeking funding on Kickstarter. The aptly named Miracle Machine puts sachets of ingredients and water through an accelerated process — controlled by a mobile app — to produce wine that, for about the same price per sip as fruit juice, approximates the taste of the priciest Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays in just three days. Whoa. [ New York Post]

Quote of the Day: "Culinary professionals who have devoted their lives to sourcing and preparing high-quality food probably aren't going to serve you something worse than a hot dog that’s been slow-roasting on a roller for who knows how long." - New York Chef Josh Grinker on the absurdity of one of the world's best, most-expensive restaurants, Per Se, receiving a New York health-inspection grade of C, while the Gray's Papaya hot dog joint down the road got an A. [ CNN Eatocracy]

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