What the Stars Will Eat on Oscar Night

Hollywood Sign Cupcakes


Five cupcakes with small letters on toothpics sticking out that spell Hollywood

©Burcu Avsar, Prop Stylist: Victoria Petro Conroy

Burcu Avsar, Prop Stylist: Victoria Petro Conroy

On Oscar night, as you reach for the chip bowl — or perhaps the gloriously delicious Hollywood Sign Cupcakes (pictured above), Red Carpet Cocktails and other award-winning eats and healthy treats — kick back on the couch in your most finger-food-feast-forgiving pants, spare a thought for those hungry stars shuffling across the stage, who have been working hard for weeks to fit into those couture gowns and tuxedos.

Yeah, OK, hold your pity. They'll be eating just as magnificently as you'd imagine at the Academy's official after party. On this year's Governors Ball menu, created by Wolfgang Puck with chef Matt Bencivenga, you'll find everything from pizza, burgers, grilled cheese and Smoked Salmon Oscar® Matzo (comfort foods suitable for winners who were played offstage before they had a chance to thank their agent's pet Chihuahua and nominees who didn't nab a statuette alike) to high-concept desserts like Licorice and Chocolate Parfait, Caramelized Tobacco Leaves (Gluten Free), Caramel Garden, Coffee Soil, Chocolate Malted Tree, Fleur de Sel and Strawberry Consomme, Angel Food Cake, Olive Oil Sorbet.

The menu will also feature more vegan offerings than in years past, in part because, as Wolfgang, who is marking his 20th year catering the ball, recently noted in a radio interview, this year's host, Ellen DeGeneres, is vegan. (See how the chef prepares for it here.)

The 1,500 invited guests will also enjoy a dedicated Chocolate Station including such treats as Raspberry Ganache and Lemon Ganache Mini Oscar Lollipops, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cheesecake Pops and White Chocolate and Lemon Cream Push Up Pops. (Trend watch: lots of pops.)

And while your pre-awards shopping list may include the ingredients for Golden Curry Popcorn or California Flatbread, the Governors Ball party planners' list includes 6,500 wood-fired Oscar-shaped flatbreads, 1,300 farmed oysters, 5 kilos of American farm-raised caviar, 600 Maine lobsters, 7,500 individual U.S. shrimp, 20,000 pieces of California-grown micro greens, 1,000 chocolate malted trees, 2,000 chocolate truffles, 5,000 mini chocolate Oscars, 1,350 bottles of Thiénot Champagne and 10 pounds of edible gold dust, along with decorative nature-themed items including two full-grown pepper trees to be used as wall hangings and 66 moss patches, to be transported in the equivalent of 50 semi-tractor trailers.

What, no full-grown trees, moss patches or edible gold dust at your party? Maybe next year. In the meantime, how about adding glamour and glitz to your gathering with some Box-Office Blooms and star-fruit-garnished glasses of champagne?

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