Kosher-for-Passover Quinoa, Scent-Emitting Forks and Lemon-Eating Babies


Quinoa Gets a Seat at the Seder Table: Those who adhere to the traditional dietary laws of Passover by avoiding the grains wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt, and swapping leavened bread for matzo, may be interested to know that they have a new option this year: quinoa. For the first time, the Orthodox Union, the authority on all things kosher, has given its "kosher for Passover" seal of approval to certain brands of the ubiquitous superfood. "It's healthy and tasty, and there's nothing wrong with eating it on Passover," rabbi, food historian and cookbook author Gil Marks told NPR's The Salt. He recommends making stuffed cabbage with quinoa — or using it in matzo ball soup for "protein and body." It goes well with your grandma's brisket too. [ NPR's The Salt]

What the Fork? Montreal-based MOLECULE-R Flavors Inc. is now marketing a "revolutionary new fork" that emits a scent to make users think they're eating flavors like ginger, coffee, chocolate or bananas — or, for that matter, lychee, passion fruit, jalapeno, wasabi or truffle. It's perfect, its maker maintains, for cooks who accidentally forget to add a key ingredient while cooking. "It works by having a capsule of 'liquid aroma' underneath the fork's handle, which is then soaked through a small circle of blotting paper and released gradually as the owner eats their meal," the company explains in a video introducing the Aromafork. "The user has to apply the 'taste' each time using a dropper and put a piece of blotting paper in place." And you thought the spork pushed the boundaries of good taste. [ Molecule-R via Huffington Post]

An Acquired Taste: The tart taste of lemon is one thing when you're prepared for it. Exciting. Refreshing. But when someone hands you a juicy-sour yellow wedge and you have no idea what's coming? Quite a different story. Witness these babies tasting lemon for the very first time. The slow-motion camera captures their every scrunch, pucker, shiver and squirm. Some seem terrified, some tickled and some just ticked. Oh, sweet little people, if life gives you lemons ... [ Mashable]

In Other Food News ... The Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidelines to prevent food companies from labeling honey with added sugar or sweeteners as "honey." Instead, companies will have to label them as a "blend of sugar and honey" or a "blend of honey and corn syrup." [ Associated Press] Bacon prices are on the rise due to a virus that has endangered United States pork production by killing millions of baby pigs in the last year. [ Associated Press] Taco Bell has fired off another shot in the breakfast wars with an ad equating Egg McMuffins to mullet haircuts, flip phones and Loverboy posters circa 1984. Cute. Your move, McDonald's. [ Taco Bell via Time]

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