President's "Killer" Sandwich, Hipster Coffee and a Flying Brisket Pinata

Reuben Sandwich

Hello, Deli: Zingerman's Deli has ardent fans in high places — for example, the White House. Before giving a speech Wednesday at the University of Michigan about raising the minimum wage, President Obama took in a little local flavor, stopping by the Ann Arbor eatery to highlight the fact that owner Paul Saginaw pays workers there more than the minimum wage. While there, the POTUS also enjoyed the deli's "classic #2" Reuben sandwich (get the recipe here), which he later declared to have been "killer." [ @Zingermans via Huffington Post]

"Half-Caff"? Big Laugh: In the hands of hipsters, a humble cup o' joe can seem like the most-pretentious thing in the world. But while hearing someone order a "double upside-down mocha macchiato with soy, low-fat, no fat, no lid" that also tastes "like Christmas" may be profoundly irritating if you're standing behind him or her in line and late for work, over-the-top coffee orders are pretty funny (a latte fun?) when you watch them being sent up by the sketch comedians at Nacho Punch. Watch "Hipsters Love Coffee" here. [ Nacho Punch]

When You're Done Watching That: You can watch Conan O'Brien's team catapult a pinata filled with barbecued brisket into a basket in front of AT&T Stadium, where the NCAA Final Four games will be played. "It's a full-court, three-point shot," boasts Conan, who is filming his show in Dallas this week, in this online clip. After all, as sidekick Andy Richter notes in this video clip, Dallas, with its love of meat, is "the opposite of sallad." Why get picky about spelling if it'll cost you a good joke? [ teamcoco via Eater]

And When You're Done Watching That: You can watch this Kids Snippets video, from Bored Shorts TV, in which two grown-up dudes act out a cooking show as it is imagined by a couple of little girls. The facial expressions of the guy in the blue apron are simply riveting. Of course not all kids are so hilariously hopeless in the kitchen, as Food Network's Cooking in the Fast Lane Web series makes abundantly clear. [ Bored Shorts TV]

Wearing Your Love of Fast Food on — or Under — Your Sleeve: A Norwegian 18-year-old, Stian Ytterdahl, who had a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his right arm, returned to the same tattoo artist to have the receipt for the McDonald's tattoo tattooed on his other arm. Do you suppose he'll come back again to have the receipt for that second tattoo tattooed elsewhere on his body? Where will it end? [ UPI]

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