Prince Harry Serves Chicken, Ozzy Issues Warning and Peeps Doughnuts

Peeps Doughnuts

Photo by: Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

Chicken a la Prince: What does a handsome prince serve when he gets together with his mates? If you are expecting Champagne and lobster, caviar and gold-flecked chocolates, you'll be royally disappointed. At a "private little get-together" at his members-only London club on Monday night, Prince Harry served his rugby pals a humble, peasant-worthy meal of chicken and fries, albeit washed down with a nice white wine. Maybe the fries were flecked with gold? [ Entertertainmentwise]

And Speaking of Princes: Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Baltimore-based brewers of Ozzy beer, a Belgian-style pale ale. Ozzy beer comes in cans featuring a fist with O, Z, Z and Y tattooed below the knuckles — much like Ozzy's own hand tattoo. Also pictured: a bat, an animal the Black Sabbath singer once famously bit the head off during a concert. According to the The Baltimore Sun, despite the letter, the beer was still for sale as of last week — and orders had increased. [ The Baltimore Sun]

Online Reviews Change with the Wind (and Rain and Snow): If the weather outside is frightful, online restaurant reviewers complain more. A large academic study conducted by researchers at Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs has found that crowd-sourced eatery evaluations written on days that are rainy, snowy, very hot or cold tend to be more negative than those written on nice days. While reviewers post more frequently in July and August than other months, those reviews skew more negative, while reviews written in November are generally more favorable. "The best reviews are written on sunny days between 70 and 100 degrees," Saeideh Bakhshi, the Georgia Tech Ph.D. candidate who led the study, told Science Codex. "Science has shown that weather impacts our mood, so a nice day can lead to a nice review. A rainy day can mean a miserable one." [ Science Codex / The New York Times]

Peep Thrills: For fans of colorful, sugarcoated, chick-shaped marshmallows, spring means one thing and one thing only: Peeps! This year, Peeps lovers can double down on sweetness with limited-edition Peeps doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts: classic glazed doughnuts frosted with pink and drizzled with green, or vice versa, each with a mini Peep perched on top. (You can make your own Peep Cake by following this Food Network Magazine recipe.) For those who wish only to smell — not taste — their Peeps, Yankee Candle is offering a special Peeps-scented candle, available through April. And starting in May, Peeps minis will be available year-round in flavors including sour watermelon, chocolate creme and strawberry creme. That sound you hear is dentists everywhere rubbing their hands. [ New York Daily News]

In Other Food News: A new study from Denmark suggests that U.S. salt consumption recommendations may be too low — and that consuming too little salt may be just as dangerous as consuming too much. [ HealthDay News] Skyrocketing lime prices, due to crop-destroying heavy rains, are putting the squeeze on Mexican restaurants in the United States — prompting some to change their recipes, in some cases subbing in lemons. If life doesn't give you limes ... [ Reuters]

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