A Berry Hungry Bunny, Cephalopods for Breakfast and a Boxful of Tailgate Fun

Cephalopods for Breakfast

Berry Cute Bunny: Why has this 33-second video of a fluffy gray-and-white bunny eating raspberries racked up nearly 9 million page views (as of this writing) since being posted on Friday? We guess you'll have to ask the millions of people who have watched it and shared it — and watched and shared it again. Maybe it's the way the raspberries make the bunny look like it's wearing lipstick? Or just because the bunny is so cute? (Though, really, it's no burrito-eating hamster.) Who knows? But there are plenty of worse ways to spend 33 seconds. [ YouTube]

Mmm … Mollusks with Maple Syrup: You love your kids. But do you love them enough to make them pancakes in the shape of cephalopods? (Do you even know what cephalopods are? Here.) Nathan Shields does. The Washington-state-based illustrator and math teacher who's "on leave to be a professional dad" says he "began entertaining my kids with silly pancakes while we were living in Saipan." He shares images of his remarkable pancakes every week on his blog, Saipancakes.com. Recent themes include sharks, Star Wars creatures, bunnies and Zach Galifianakis (pictured between two ferns). Of the squids, cuttlefish and other critters in this current batch, Nathan muses, "Nothing says 'good morning' like a plateful of delicious tentacles." Indeed. [ Saipancakes.com via Laughing Squid]

Tailgating in a Box: "The future of tailgating has arrived!" Texas Tech University recently boasted via Twitter — and it's all boxed up and ready to head your way. Two graduates of the university, Jane't Howey and Sheryl Estes, have come up with a product called boxGATE that basically sets up in under five minutes and includes everything you'd need for the ultimate tailgate experience: a full keg-ready bar, stools, a gas grill, flat screen TVs, a leather couch and a fenced-in "observation deck" — all in a single 8'x20' shipping container. "It comes with everything you need plus the kitchen sink," Jane't told Yahoo Sports. [ Yahoo Sports]

In Other Food News: Coca-Cola is set to increase its stake in Keurig ahead of the home-brewing company's move into the cold-beverage machine market, where it is set to challenge SodaStream. [ Forbes] Wine drinking in the United States is up; the country now consumes more wine than any other country in the world, including France, according to the International Vine and Wine organization OIV. But the average French person still consumes six times more wine than the average American. [ Reuters] Speaking of wine, a new study has cast doubt on the idea that resveratrol, a substance that can be found in red wine, grapes and chocolate, lowers the risk of death, heart disease or cancer. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. [ HealthDay News]

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