Cheesy Celebrity Art, Batman-Inspired Brewsky and a POTUS-Worthy Burger

Cheesy Celebrity Art

Smile and Say 'Cheese': Rihanna's captured the attention of fans as one of several celebrities who has been immortalized atop a pizza. Pizza artist and chef Domenico Crolla, owner of Bella Pizzeria in Glasgow, Scotland, has captured the likenesses of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, President Obama, the Pope and others using pizza crust as his canvas and cheese and sauce as his paint. Amazing, if not appetizing. [ Bella Pizzeria (gallery) via The Daily Meal]

Holy Comic-Inspired Beer, Batman! Denver Comic Con organizers have teamed up with Breckenridge Brewery to launch a special limited-edition Batman-themed craft beer called (wait for it) Brews Wayne. The people behind the three-day convention, which last year released the similarly themed Caped Brewsader beer, describe this year's 6.1 percent ABV brew as a "hoppy amber ale, a hybrid-style with two distinctly different, yet complimenting flavors " that is perfect "for the playboy-by-day and superhero-by-night." Oh my. [ Denver Post]

All Shaked Up: Attention, restaurant owners: If you want to get a lunchtime visit from the POTUS, press pool cameras in tow, offer a tasty burger and a decent wage. That's apparently what attracted President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to a D.C. Shake Shack on Friday, where they met with four workers from a local reconstruction project over a burger and fries (the President) and a cheeseburger, fries and a black-and-white milkshake (the Veep). President Obama said Shake Shack had been chosen for lunch because it has "great burgers and pays its employees more than 10 bucks an hour." [ Politico]

In Other Food News: Darden Restaurants has sold the Red Lobster seafood restaurant chain to the investment firm Golden Gate Capital for a $2.1 billion, but has decided to hold onto Olive Garden in hopes it can turn that chain around. [ Associated Press] Proof that Sriracha really is everywhere? Now it's even in your vodka. [ Outside] And if you've ever wondered how to get the best treatment at the best restaurants, chef David Chang fills you in. [ GQ]

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