Family Gets Good-Kid Discount, Texas Is Hot for Sriracha, Food Trucks Run Out of Gas

The Carrot, Not the Stick: Plenty of parents have been known to offer their kids rewards for behaving well while eating out. Far less frequently are the parents spontaneously rewarded for their kids' good restaurant behavior. But Redditor looseONtheGoose writes that, after "Mother's Day brunch … with our one year old daughter" at Carino Japanese Bistro, in Calgary, Canada, the family received a surprise on its check: The restaurant had deducted $5 as a discount for "Well Behaved Kids." "This should be a thing at every restaurant worldwide," one commenter opined. Hear, hear! [ Reddit]

Sriracha State Swap? Texas is continuing its effort to get Huy Fong Foods to relocate its sriracha factory from Irwindale, Calif., where residents have complained that its chili-pepper aroma is making their eyes water and itch, to the Lone Star State. A bipartisan "sriracha delegation" of Texas lawmakers has traveled to the hot-sauce maker's California factory this week to meet with the company's officials. "It's obviously early and preliminary to suggest that they're going to take that next step, but at least they're open to considering it," State Rep. Jason Villalba told the Texas Tribune. "This is a serious endeavor." The company's owner, David Tran, recently told NPR he doesn't intend to close the California factory, but might open another site in another locale. [ Texas Tribune, NPR]

Feeling the Heat, Hitting the Brakes: Will the food truck trend soon drive off gentle into that good night? Crain's New York Business reports that financial challenges and an uptick in competition have increasingly prompted food truck owners to supplement their incomes with other work, trade up to bricks-and-mortar businesses or get out of the biz altogether. "The hip industry, which hit New York City about seven years ago with its flashy trucks and foodie crowds, is going through a midlife crisis," the business publication reports. "Many of its founding members are graduating to grown-up endeavors that offer more financial stability." Though, one imagines, less mobility. [ Crain's New York Business]

In Other Food News: The World Health Organization has released a sobering report concluding that alcohol kills 3.3 million people around the world every year — more than AIDS, tuberculosis and violence put together. "This actually translates into one death every 10 seconds," Shekhar Saxena, WHO's Mental Health and Substance Abuse department head, told reporters. [ WHO, Sydney Morning Herald] Maple water, a beverage made from maple tree sap and previously available only in Canada, is now making waves in the U.S. Some food watchers predict it will catch on as coconut water did. [ PRNewswire, FoodBeast] A "hybrid bagel" that includes New York water and honey (apparently an ingredient used in Montreal bagels) and cooked in a wood-burning oven is reportedly generating "Cronut-like" excitement in New York. [ Bloomberg Businessweek]

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