Macaulay Culkin's Bad Day, Hipster 'Stache Straws and Fondue Footwear

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Pizza and Beer and Macaulay Culkin's Bad Day: How was your Memorial Day weekend? It had to have been better than Macaulay Culkin's. The Home Alone star, now a ripened 33, was booed off the stage and pelted with beer when he and his band, the Pizza Underground — which performs Velvet Underground music, only with pizza-themed lyrics — performed at the Dot to Dot festival in Nottingham, England. According to the Nottingham Post, initial "boos turned to booze, with members of the public throwing full pints of beer at the stage, soaking both the band and the audience." Macaulay stayed calm, saying: "Why are you throwing those? I'd rather drink them!" After the former child actor and a pizza-box-playing band mate took a few direct hits, though, the band was compelled to cut its set short. Later its members thanked the crowd via Twitter, saying "Sorry that a couple people ruined it for everyone." [ Nottingham Post via Eater]

Fondue Footwear: You probably wouldn't want to dip your feet in melted cheese and walk around the house. But that hasn't stopped the maker of a new footwear prototype called Fondue Slippers from finding inspiration in the communal-pot party food of yesteryear. The shoe-slipper, which made its debut at Milano Salone Satellite 2014, will be shaped in your foot's precise image because it will be made by your foot being dipped in the material provided in a DIY kit. Letting the material dry and voila — insta-custom-footwear. "You can wear Fondue Slipper both inside and outside," its creator, Tokyo-based designer Satsuki Ohata boasts. No cracks about cheesy workmanship please. [ Satuki via RocketNews24]

Instagram Brain Freeze: A Slurpee, that slushy 7-Eleven summer staple, hardly shouts "hipster," but the convenience store is looking to change that. It's making a play for the social media set by offering mustache straws in four styles, each selling for 99 cents a pop — and refillable 26 ounce Mason jar containers, which sell for $2.99 a piece and come with a free Slurpee. (AdWeek is predicting a "summer of Slurpee selfies.") For some reason, the 'staches have sold especially well in southern Utah, Oregon and Michigan, ABC News reports, noting that the black handlebar has been the most popular, with sales apparently outpacing the faux lip ticklers unofficially dubbed "the British," "the Hogan" and, in a nod to Nick Offerman's Park and Recreation character, "the Swanson." [ ABC News]

In Other Food News: During a meeting with school nutrition officials on Tuesday, Michelle Obama warned House Republicans that efforts to roll back guidelines aimed at making school lunches healthier — with more fruits, veggies and whole grains, and less sodium, sugar and fat — are "unacceptable." [ Associated Press] Starbucks will introduce a trio of "handcrafted sodas" made on the spot from natural ingredients (no high-fructose corn syrup). [ Thrillist] Phew! Hot sauce crisis averted. The city council in Irwindale, Calif., will likely drop its complaint against Sriracha hot sauce maker Huy Fong Foods. The manufacturer's CEO says that, in response to complaints that the aroma from its factory was upsetting residents, the company has installed new air filters to address the problem. [ Pasadena-Star News]

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