Turducken Gets Its Due, Chicago Gets Food Oscars and Drinkable Sunscreen Gets Dismissed

Turducken Gets Official Recognition — Pho Sure! Foodies and linguists alike will be interested to learn that among the 150 words to be added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary in 2014, you'll find "freegan," "pho," "pepita," "poutine" and "turducken," alongside non-food-related neologisms like "crowdfunding," "hashtag" and "selfie." Also to be included is "catfish" in its new sense: "a person who sets up a false personal profile on a social networking site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes." So, no, not the same thing as what you might eat blackened. [ Time]

Who're You Calling the "Second City"? The prestigious James Beard Awards, which have been distributed in a gala ceremony in New York City since their inception 24 years ago, will move to Chicago for their 25th anniversary next year. James Beard Foundation President Susan Ungaro explained that Chicago, which she called a "great" culinary city, had extended a "very appealing offer to host the show." Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Susan said, had provided "passionate support" and had demonstrated himself to be as "a true believer in the importance of culinary tourism." [ The New York Times]

Build a Batter Doughnut: Batter up! Krispy Kreme has introduced two new limited-time-only batter-based flavors, Brownie Batter — a chocolate yeast shell, brownie batter filling and chocolate icing with mini chocolate chips on top — and Birthday Cake Batter — a yeast shell, creamy birthday cake batter filling, yellow icing and rainbow dots sprinkled on top. Make your dentist appointments now. [ Krispy Kreme]

Sunscreen, Your New Summer Drink? A company named Osmosis Skincare is marketing what it claims is the first drinkable sunscreen, capable of blocking 97 percent of the sun's UVA and UVB rays by — get this — causing the molecules on your skin to vibrate and prevent sun exposure (or something like that). Called the Harmonized H20 UV Neutralizer, the drink reportedly comes in two varieties: Tan Enhancing and No Tan Enhancing. But doctors warn that it's "just a gimmick" and its claims are highly specious. Also, ew! [ UPI]

In Other Food News: McDonald's hoped its new mascot, Happy, would be a hit in the United States, but the toothy red box has instead been flame-broiled — dubbed "McScary" — on Twitter. "Hide your kids," tweeted one person. [ Reuters, Chicago Tribune] Caffeine alert: A fungus called "coffee rust" has devastated Arabica coffee crops in Central America, prompting the U.S. to offer help. Arabica is used in most high-end coffees, so your morning latte could be in a lot of trouble. [ Associated Press]

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