A Pint-Size Pastry Chef, a Pricey Lunch Date and Marshmallows Fit for a Princess

A Pint-Size Pastry Chef and Marshmallows Fit for a Princess

Major Moxie: She's only 8, but already Taylor Moxey is making a name for herself in the baking world. After she won a local cornbread competition, in which she faced off against adult chefs, the Miami grade-schooler found herself awash in orders for her cupcakes and cookies, so, with the help of her parents and a pink stand mixer, she set to baking. Moxey, a Food Network fan who dreams of opening her own bakery and personally decorates the boxes in which she packs her treats, has now earned thousands of dollars selling her homemade confections. She's donating part of her proceeds to raise awareness of dyslexia, making the story of her success even sweeter. [ Local 10]

Not a Cheap Date: Lunch at Smith & Wollensky in New York City shouldn't run you more than $100 per person, even when you factor in sides and salads along with your thick, juicy steak, but if you want to eat it up-close and personal with Warren Buffett, it'll cost you a pretty penny more than that. The billionaire investment guru has just — for the 15th straight year — offered himself up as a luncheon companion in an online auction to raise money for San Francisco antipoverty organization Glide. The bidding on eBay was up to $350,300 as of this writing, but it's apt to go much higher before closing on Friday. Last year's winning bid was just over $1 million, and in 2012 some deep-pocketed soul splashed out nearly $3.5 million to break bread with Warren. Who knows what financial pearls Buffett will drop over his midday meal, but he might suggest that, in general, the winner spend a little less on lunch. [ eBay via Slate]

Look, Ma, One Hand! Utensil purists still struggling to wrap their heads (and fingers) around that silverware breakthrough the "spork" may want to sit down. There's a new cutlery mash-up in town: the "Knork." Combining the spearing power of a fork and the sharp (but not too sharp) cutting ability of a knife, the stainless-steel Knork is ergonomically designed to make one-handed eating easier — for both left- and right-handed diners. According to a product description, the Knork's "innovative beveled edge design cuts through food with one hand, while not being sharp to the mouth." File it under "things you never knew you needed." [ IPPINKA via DesignTaxi]

In Other Food News: If you've ever wondered why bacon smells so good, it apparently has to do with 150 organic compounds, melting fats and something called the Maillard Reaction. This video explains the chemistry behind the aroma. [ Reactions/YouTube] Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg says her agency plans to update its guidance on mercury in seafood in hopes of making it clearer to consumers and especially to pregnant women. [ Associated Press] Kate Middleton's younger brother, James, has launched a business called Boomf that prints Instagram photos on marshmallows. Why? "When you see yourself on a marshmallow, or your loved one or your pet," he explained to The Cut, "you have a little moment with that little marshmallow." [ The Cut]

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