Spray Cake (Think Whipped Cream) Is Now Actually a Thing

Spray Cake

Photo by: Spray Cake (Facebook) ©Spray Cake (Facebook)

Spray Cake (Facebook), Spray Cake (Facebook)

Is a ready-to-bake cake you spray like whipped cream from a can (and then pop in the oven or microwave) "the future" of dessert? That may be an overstatement, but Spray Cake, an award-winning product created by a couple of Harvard University undergrads, does seem increasingly poised to gain some millennial market traction.

Back in April, Harvard sophomores Brooke Nowakowski and John McCallum took top honors in the Harvard Innovation Lab challenge, along with a $10,000 prize, for their innovative cake in a can (not to be confused with cakes you bake in a can).

Nowakowski told the Boston Herald that the team planned to use to the award as a "launchpad" to bring the product, originally created for a science-of-cooking class, to market.

The prize money, McCallum told KNOE 8 News, would "go toward buying machinery and after that just producing the first few runs to get those in stores" — perhaps even by the end of this summer.

The product got another boost in late June, when Providence, R.I.-based ad agency Nail Communications won first place in The Ad Club of New England's first-ever " Brand-a-thon," which aims "to provide startups with the kind of marketing and branding genius typically reserved for the biggest, global brands," with a fresh and brash campaign for Spray Cake. Nail's campaign featured plans for pop-up shops and store delivery via a high-tech car with gull-wing doors, positioning Spray Cake as a dessert for millennial cake eaters.

Meeting its target audience where it was, the campaign also featured a fab and sneakily funny YouTube video. Here's wishing we could can the look on the video star's face and spray it whenever we were in need of a laugh.

(Photo: Spray Cake)

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