Bright Blue Hue Saves Rare Lobster from His Dinner-Plate Fate

Bright Blue Lobster

Photo by: Miss Meghan's Lobster, Facebook ©Miss Meghan's Lobster, Facebook

Miss Meghan's Lobster, Facebook, Miss Meghan's Lobster, Facebook

Most of us probably don't think of lobsters as coming in a variety of ultrabright colors. And, in fact, they usually stick to pretty much the same old muddy olive-brownish palette, at least until they cook up bright red. So imagine the surprise of Maine lobsterman Jay LaPlante and his 14-year-old daughter, Meghan, of the Miss Meghan Lobster Catch company, when they discovered this 2-pound bright-blue critter in one of their traps on Saturday morning.

Blue lobsters are extremely rare, occurring only about once in every two million lobsters, according to National Geographic. Their peculiar coloration results from a genetic defect that propels the excess production of a particular protein.

LaPlante and Meghan, who, it probably won't shock you to learn, have never caught a blue lobster before, named the little guy Skyler and decided to spare him from his dinner-plate fate. Instead, they plan to donate him to the Maine State Aquarium, where he can enjoy the company of three other rare blue lobsters and an orange one — and impress visitors with his unusual vivid hue.

As astonished as both father and daughter were to find the little blue guy in their trap, they're even more gobsmacked by the interest in their cerulean catch. "My daughter did not realize catching this rare blue lobster was going to grab such worldwide attention," LaPlante told FN Dish.

Clearly, a crustacean that color is hard to overlook.

Photo courtesy of Miss Meghan's Facebook.

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