This Birthday Cupcake Cost $900

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Photo by: Le Dolci Bakery ©Le Dolci Bakery

Le Dolci Bakery, Le Dolci Bakery

There are all sorts of ways to show your love. One customer at Toronto's Le Dolci bakery showed it with a $900 cupcake, presenting it to his wife in honor of her 40th birthday. Talk about sweet!

The extravagant confection was made to order, featuring some of the wife's favorite foods and flavors. The bakery worked closely with the customer in order to get the finished product just right. The result? A gilded masterpiece featuring Kona Blue Mountain Coffee in the chocolate buttercream, sea salt from Camargue, France, organic cane sugar, Valrhona cocoa powder and Tahitian vanilla beans. The pastry cream was made with Krug Collection Brut champagne ($500-$1,500 a bottle, depending on the vintage), Rosewood Estates honey and an essence of Tahitian vanilla beans.

The butter in the frosting wasn't just a stick from the supermarket, of course, but rather Normandy butter "made by a historic French butter cooperative," Le Dolci owner Lisa Sanguedolce tells FN Dish. It was combined with 70 percent Amedei Italian-made chocolate, which, she says, "delivers undertones of honey, caramel, lavender, vanilla, banana and orange blossom."

But that's just the beginning. The cupcake was decorated with an edible gold-painted branch (yes, there's a leaf on the branch, lending a new meaning to the term "gold leaf"), as well as gold-edged fondant blossoms, edible sugar "diamonds" and dainty Champagne bubbles, made by hand. And of course it doesn't sit in a little paper baking cup, but rather a bespoke edible chocolate cup decorated with edible "pearls" and garnished with 24-karat flakes of gold.

And to top it all off? The final over-the-top feature: a pipette of ultra-expensive limited-edition Courvoisier cognac, which is meant to be drizzled over the cupcake before it is eaten.

Although Le Dolci has created a variety of "wild and wonderful" sculpted cakes for its customers, including replicas of prized items like Porsches, grand pianos and Corvettes, Sanguedolce says her pastry chefs have never before made a cupcake quite this lavishly expensive. The elaborate confection was a hit — the customer reported that his wife was "over-the-moon happy," but one question remains: How did it taste?

Photos cannot be used without link:

Photo by: Le Dolci Bakery ©Le Dolci Bakery

Le Dolci Bakery, Le Dolci Bakery

Though the bakery wasn't able to splash out for a spare cupcake for staffers, Sanguedolce says, the chefs did sample ingredients and taste-test along the way to make sure the result would be perfect. And? She says, "It tasted delicious!" Photos courtesy of Le Dolci Bakery.

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