What the Stars Will Eat on Emmy Night

Hollywood Cupcakes


Five cupcakes with small letters on toothpics sticking out that spell Hollywood

©Burcu Avsar, Prop Stylist: Victoria Petro Conroy

Burcu Avsar, Prop Stylist: Victoria Petro Conroy

What will the stars and suits behind Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Mad Men and the other Emmy-nominated shows be dining on at the 2014 Emmy Awards Governors Ball on Monday night after the big ceremony?

Winners will celebrate, and those without statuettes will compensate with a sumptuous three-course meal featuring local seasonal vegetables and a fresh take on meat and potatoes. The food selections will highlight a variety of hues in keeping with the evening's theme: a " Kaleidoscope of Color."

The 3,800 assembled guests will start with a Grilled Peach and Heirloom Tomato Salad featuring little gem lettuce, candy-striped figs, Burrata cheese, Vidalia onions, a honey-lemon vinaigrette and toasted Marcona almonds, all seasoned with fleur de sel, peppermint and basil.

Then they'll move on to the main course, a filet of beef in red wine sauce served with an "Idaho 90 potato 'bone,'" which features russet potatoes trimmed into a bone-shaped cylinder, hollowed out and filled with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, and garnished with witch finger and cotton candy grapes, sauteed Zephyr squash, caramelized cipollini onions and crisp-baked Lacinato kale chips.

For dessert they'll enjoy an upscale approach to a down-home summer favorite: s'mores. Forgoing the usual corner-store chocolate bar and supermarket marshmallows, these s'mores will feature a whipped ganache made with heavy cream and Alunga milk chocolate, Inaya chocolate pop rocks, made-from-scratch "torched" marshmallow fluff, and a graham crumble that gooses the graham cracker crumbs with brown butter, salt and cinnamon.

Guests will sip 2013 Beaulieu Vineyard® Maestro Collection Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 Beaulieu Vineyard® Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and 2012 Beaulieu Vineyard® Maestro Collection Napa Valley Port and NV Muscat de Beaulieu. ( Fun fact: It's anticipated that 35,640 glasses of Beaulieu Vineyard wine will be poured at the party. The caterers note, "If you placed all the Beaulieu Vineyard wine corks end to end, they would run the length of the red carpet on Emmy night.")

It will take 205 cooks, 45 bartenders, 200 technicians, 85 managers and 1,200 onsite staffers to carry the event off, but don't let that stop you from trying to reproduce the Governors Ball on your own modest scale. You, too, can dine like a small-screen celeb. Chef Joachim Splichal, the founder of the Patina Restaurant Group, which has catered the awards dinner for the past 19 years, has shared all the recipes for Hollywood-aspiring chefs here.

So roll out the red carpet, don a fancy gown or tux and some borrowed Harry Winston bling, and faithfully whip up the entire Governors Ball meal, start to finish. Don't forget to wear an apron!

Find out how to re-create the Hollywood Cupcakes by Food Network Magazine pictured above here.

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