Hass Anyone Seen These Stolen Avocados?

Missing Haas Avocados


Photo by: Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz

Shopping for avocados at the supermarket can bring on sticker shock. But when the guacamole itch strikes, you've just got to scratch it, right?

Some sticky-fingered guac lovers in South Australia have apparently taken matters into their own hands, sidestepping the produce aisles and going straight to the source. Authorities say an estimated 1,500 kilograms of Hass avocados were stolen straight off about 22 trees — stripping them bare — on a property in the town of Barmera in South Australia's Riverland region.

Local police, who believe the Hass heist took place sometime between Sunday, Aug. 24 and Thursday, Sept. 4, estimate the value of the stolen avocados, which sell Down Under for about $3 or $4 apiece, at about $11,000, which, you have to admit, is a lot of green.

"The owner of the property checked them on the Sunday, then 11 days later went to check them to see if they were ripe for picking and they were gone," operations inspector Mark Gould, from the Murray Mallee Local Service Area, told 891 ABC Adelaide.

Gould says the police would love to hear from anyone who might have seen "anybody with a bin of fruit on the back of a trailer" in the area.

And if you see someone in the vicinity of the crime loading up on tortilla chips, big time, you might tip them off as well.