How Much Would You Pay for These Chocolate Bathroom Fixtures?

Chocolate Bath

Even the most devoted chocophiles among us may not rush to splash out $23,240 on a toilet made of chocolate, but we may be gratified to know that, if the urge struck, we could.

The self-described "chocoholics" behind U.K.-based online retailer are offering a 980,000-calorie loo as part of a 100-percent-Belgian-chocolate bathroom suite that also includes a $11,620 chocolate bidet (210,000 calories), $14,940 chocolate sink (210,000 calories) and – the piece de resistance – an $82,990 chocolate bathtub (8 million calories!). They're all available individually or as a set ($132,790) by special request via

Chocolate Toilet

So ... um … why chocolate bathroom fixtures? "When you work with bathrooms, you have to have a sense of humor about it all," CEO Ian Monk explains in a letter on, adding that when he and his staff realized how many people searched for "bathroom sweets" instead of "bathroom suites," they were amused – and inspired. "That simple mistake caught our imagination, what if we created a bathrooms suite, out of something sweet?"

A partnership with whimsical British chocolatier Choccywoccydoodah made that dream a potential reality, though anyone flush enough to invest a mint in chocolate bathroom fixtures should be aware that the designs pictured are only artist renderings and the final product may look somewhat different. Also, delivery will take two to three months, and Monk warns that the suite shouldn't be eaten all at once, or all by yourself, since the total suite will tip the scales at about 9.4 million calories, which is "more than a decade's worth!"

Oh, and one other thing: You can't actually use the chocolate bathroom suite as you might conventional bathroom fixtures. "It will melt if it comes in contact with direct sunlight, radiator heat or hot liquids," Monk notes, "so it's not ideal for running that relaxing bath!" Or, you know, other bathroom stuff.

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