Now You Can Stick Julia Child and James Beard on Your Envelopes

Photo by: USPS ©USPS


What do Edna Lewis, Julia Child, James Beard, Felipe Rojas-Lombardi and Joyce Chen have in common? Well, yes, they were all famous chefs. But what else do they have in common?

They're all getting their faces on stamps! On Sept. 26, the U.S. Postal Service will launch a new, limited-edition series of Celebrity Chefs "Forever" stamps featuring portraits of five late, lamented kitchen luminaries whom USPS Director of Stamp Services Susan McGowan has called "pioneers."

While food has been featured on stamps since way back in 1995, when letter senders could plaster peaches on their envelopes, it's the first time food personalities have been so honored, notes.

So why these five chefs? According to the USPS website:

"The five chefs honored on these stamps revolutionized our understanding of food. Seeing cooking as a source of delight, they invited us to feast on regional and international flavors and were early but ardent champions of trends that many foodies now take for granted. As they shared their know-how, they encouraged us to undertake our own culinary adventures."

The chefs' digitally illustrated visages were created by Jason Seiler to look like oil paintings. Under the direction of Greg Breeding, the stamps feature a "selvage design" (a white border with a scalloped edge) that is meant to evoke "a white china plate resting on a fine linen tablecloth."

The stamps will sell for 49 cents apiece, but will always equal the value of a one-ounce-rate First Class stamp, even when the price goes up. Such a deal.

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