What Pantone Color Is Your Favorite Beer?

What Pantone Color Is Your Favorite Beer?


Photo by: Txaber ©Txaber: http://txaber.net/?p=1184

Txaber, Txaber: http://txaber.net/?p=1184

Beer cans are generally awash in a variety of colors: There's the red, white and blue of Budweiser, PBR and Old Style, and the green, white and red — set against silver or gold — of a Heineken or Miller High Life. The hues on these iconic cans and bottle labels evoke beer brands, not necessarily the beer itself.

The Spanish graphic designer Txaber has taken a different approach with minimal, bright and super-appealing new beer can and bottle designs. The company has matched each of nine types of beer with the Pantone shade that suits it most precisely. Pale ale? That's yellow: No. 604 C. Pilsner is more orangey, No. 1375 C. Imperial stout is so dark it's basically black, No. 426 C.

Beer type and number, rendered in the font HipstelveticaFontFamily, are the only lettering on the cans. It doesn't get much more stripped-down than that. That spare clarity, along with the bright colors, is what makes the cans and bottles so arresting.

"Experimentation is a constant in my work," Txaber writes. "They say everything is invented and I struggle every day to go against."

How refreshing.

Photo courtesy of Txaber.

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