Another "New Cronut"? Why Knot?

You’re probably pretty sick of hearing about whatever food trend seekers are currently dubbing the “new Cronut.” I know I am. But the latest food item upon which the label has been bestowed does sound rather tasty, though it has nothing to do with Dominique Ansel, the New York City pastry chef who created the croissant hybrid — the original Cronut — that started it all.

OK, OK, “the latest croissant hybrid that actually deserves a line around the block,” as Brooklyn Magazine describes it, is at the epicenter of self-aware Brooklyn hipsterism — Bushwick — and, more specifically, Roberta’s, maker of delish (albeit ultra-hyped) artisanal pizzas, which just started a takeaway outlet for those hoping to skip the long waits for a table. But the local mag calls the takeout joint’s new garlic knots “revelatory.”

“Traditionally, garlic knots are an afterthought to actual pizza,” blogger Margaret Eby writes. Roberta’s new knots, however, are “closer to savory, tangy croissants than normal garlic knots. For one, they’re bigger, roughly double the size of a normal knot. For another, their consistency is more pastry than pizza dough. The insides are flakey and buttery, suggesting that the dough was laminated like a croissant’s rather than simply kneaded like a pizza’s. This also means that the flavor of the garlic is richer and deeper than in normal knots. Rather than having an oversaturation of garlickiness with the minced stuff on top and too little of the clove on the inside, the garlic flavor is distributed evenly.”

Anyone else starting to salivate? Roberta’s garlic knots ain’t cheap : $2 apiece or three for $5. Plus, most of us aren’t exactly in a position to run to Bushwick to give them a try. So, with that in mind, here are a few garlic knot recipes to whip up in your own kitchen. Why knot give them a try? Maybe they, too, will be “revelatory.”

Buttery Garlic Herb Knots : With fresh rosemary, thyme and grated Parmesan cheese, these may make you swoon too.

Whole-Grain Garlic Knots : This whole-grain alternative is healthy and yummy.

Garlic Knots : Simple knots are easy and tasty too.

Photography by Anthony Falco

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