Best Hack Ever: Icemaker Turned Candy Dispenser



Photo by: Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson

Bracing for the onslaught of itty-bitty bite-size Halloween candy that’s about to descend upon your home? Dreading the kitchen-storage issue it presents and wondering precisely how to portion it out to your children (and OK, sometimes, when no one’s looking, yourself)? Then this cool refrigerator hack will not leave you cold.

A Redditor named Deric Peace has turned his refrigerator’s automatic icemaker into a frozen candy dispenser: All he did was put candy where the freshly made ice usually goes. ( Important note: Be sure to turn off your freezer’s ice-making function before attempting this.)

Peace, who calls the hack the “best thing” he’s ever done for himself, told Reddit commenters the idea came to him “in a flash,” explaining, “I thought of it while grabbing my last bit of Peanut Butter M&M's from the bag, and as I looked at the freezer door, I said, hmmm. If this thing spits out cubes of ice, why not candy?!”

Peace barely uses his icemaker, he says, and so he loaded it up with his snack of choice. Bingo! “When I poured in the first batch of Reese's cups, and they just poured out like I hit the candy jackpot, I was beside myself,” he recalls. “I love candy, I love making things easier, and making non-useful things (to me) more so. That's really it.”

A bit concerned that guests may be confused when they go for some ice, Peace says he’ll “make sure to warn people,” but, he says, he has no plans to return his icemaker to its regular function. “I am not going back to ice, this usage is permanent,” he told his fellow Redditors.

A YouTube video of Peace’s tricked-out treat dispenser has gone seriously viral, racking up more than a million views (and counting) since it was posted on Wednesday. Peace has since posted a follow-up video exploring the “crushed” setting, with unwrapped goodies. And he has apparently inspired others. Guess a lot of people like candy.

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