Sweet, Creamy Coffee with Toast on the Side: Donnie Wahlberg Dishes on His Morning Brew

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Photo by: Greg M. Cooper

Greg M. Cooper

Although a morning cup of joe is surely a way to guarantee a jolt of energy when you need it the most, for many, making and drinking coffee goes beyond the daily caffeine fix. From sipping espresso and people watching at an alfresco cafe to sharing a just-brewed batch with friends at the local diner, coming together over coffee is a tried-and-true tradition, and Keurig is out to make it easier to do that with their new Say Hello with Keurig 2.0 campaign, featuring actor and musician Donnie Wahlberg and focused on encouraging meaningful face time.

FN Dish recently caught up with Donnie, who plays a high-ranking detective on CBS' Blue Bloods, to find out more about his morning coffee routine and to see if he's able to resist the police-station temptation of coffee and doughnuts

If you could enjoy a cup of coffee with anyone in the world, whom would you choose?

Donnie Wahlberg: I'd probably choose the president, and I would have a real conversation with him. … Even if I don't agree with every policy he has, I think he'd be a fascinating person to sit down with.

How do you take your cup of coffee in the morning?

DB: Decaf [with] half-and-half and two Splendas — which is awful. You shouldn't use sweeteners, but I can't help it.

Pumpkin spice in your coffee: yay or nay?

DB: I'm a fan of pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, so I would just rather have the pumpkin spice come from a pumpkin-y product as opposed to in the coffee itself.

What's your go-to breakfast to have alongside a cup of joe in the morning?

DB: Sourdough toast with … butter. When we were kids, we didn't really have a lot of food when we were home, and our parents weren't really around in the mornings, but every now and again my dad would be home in the winter, and he would make basically a pizza tray full of white toast in the oven. And he would butter it all up, and it'd just be a stack of toast on the table and a bunch of cups of tea sitting around, and so, somehow when I'm with my sons now, and I make breakfast for them, it just ends up being a big stack of toast. They don't drink the tea or the coffee — I do. I just feel, like, the direct connection to my childhood when we do that.

On Blue Bloods you play a detective, and cops are notoriously known of indulging in doughnuts and coffee — do you partake in that ritual on set?

DB: Yes. … I go to coffee and doughnuts, and I get jelly sticks from Dunkin' Donuts. It's not the most-common doughnut, but it is the best doughnut. And I also eat a ton of food at the dinner scenes, so on a typical morning when we shoot the dinner scene, I will have had three Dunkin' Donuts doughnuts, and then I eat for the four, five to six hours we shoot the dinner scene, eating at every take.

Photo courtesy Greg M. Cooper/Keurig Green Mountain
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