Doritos You Can Drink or Drape with Garlands

In Japan, you can celebrate the holidays with Christmas-tree-shaped Doritos that taste like “white corn cream stew.” And here in the U.S., Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew is making the campus rounds.


Photo by: Anna Sirotina

Anna Sirotina

Nothing says Christmas like tortilla chips. Or, well, at least nothing says it like green tortilla chips shaped like little Christmas trees.

Frito-Lay is introducing just such a holiday version of Doritos in Japan this year. And if you’re thinking to yourself: “Well, what about all that orangey powder? Doesn’t it ruin the effect?” Actually, no, it doesn’t. The powder on the chips, which reportedly taste like “corn cream” soup, is snow white and “white corn cream stew flavored.” Oh ho ho, yes.

Doritos Rock’n’ White Corn Cream Stew chips will be available for a limited time in Japan, although, alas, not here in the United States, starting Nov. 17, according to the website Brand Eating. The site also notes that, although Frito-Lay has previously released Christmas-tree-shaped Doritos in Japan, this is the first time the chips have actually been green.

But don’t worry, Japan isn’t having all the chip-flavored fun. PepsiCo has been testing Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew — Dewitos, they’re calling it — at several U.S. colleges and universities , according to several media reports . One person said it tasted “like liquid cheese.” Another said it was “like orange with a Doritos aftertaste.”

It’s unclear if Dewitos will ever hit store shelves. But if it does, can the Rock’n’ White Corn Cream Stew Dewitos (Stewitos — or maybe Sdewitos?) be far behind?

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