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Photo by: Antonio Muñoz palomares

Antonio Muñoz palomares

Suddenly, it’s soup season. As the weather turns chilly and we begin to scrounge around in the backs of our closets for a pair of gloves that match (or, forget matching – one for each hand) and a warm hat, we may also begin to feel a deep urge to dip into one of our favorite soups. When it comes to soup, we all have our favorites, as well, perhaps, as our personal lists of the ones that, for whatever reason, we’re just not that into.

Recently, a writer on Jezebel posted a highly idiosyncratic personal ranking of soups, appropriately filed under “totally arbitrary rankings.” Whether or not you agree with the writer’s opinions (his top four: Lobster Bisque, French Onion, Cream of Crab, Tom Kha Gai) or admire his alternately amusing and perhaps a bit too salty turns of phrase, you have to concede that a ranking of soup is a delicious idea. (Note that others have done it before, with markedly different results.)

Hashing out where soups rank on a list from most to least (or least to most) beloved would surely be a fun activity to occupy the family on a road trip to peep some autumn leaves – or a lovely topic to discuss over Sunday night dinner … perhaps over a steaming bowl of soup.

Are you a New England or a Manhattan Clam Chowder person? When you’re feeling sniffly, is Chicken Noodle, Chicken Rice or Matzoh Ball soup the perfect medicine? And quick – Hot and Sour, Wonton or Egg Drop? Lentil, French Onion, Cream of Mushroom – yes, no or maybe? So many questions, so many soups. (Get out the stockpot; here are 50 soup recipes from Food Network Magazine to start with.)

How does your favorite soup compare with that of other FN Dish readers? Take this poll to find out:

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